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A WiFi Christmas List

So, with the holidays upon us, this felt like a fun one. Whatever holiday or event you choose to celebrate, at this time of year we can all surely have our own little wish list of various things. Here’s one concocted for the community. Some are practical, some are just for fun, but hopefully everyone gets a little enjoyment out of it

1-For peace within the WiFi community.

No sparring over who is or is not an engineer. No clashes over opinions-just constructive discourse. That means no more battles to the death over who has the better hardware. No more Aruba or Cisco. Or Mist. Just everyone happy delivering contention free WiFi. (I said this is a wish list…)

2-For great tools for all.

No more budgetary constraints, either work or personal, to prevent you from having whatever reasonable tool you need or want. Within reason of course, Santa can’t get everyone a super pricey spectrum analyzer, the elves aren’t THAT good. But hey, there are plenty of tools out there for every budget. Software like WinFi or WiFi Explorer (or any from Adrian, if you own a Mac). The WLAN Pi is great, as is the NetTool IO. Plenty of options and here’s hoping we can all get what we desire.

3-Great training for all!

This is another area that some of us struggle with. There are more training options than ever now. Sure, there are boot camps at conferences and those are great options-but not everyone gets to travel or otherwise fund them. The festive folks at WiFi Training have new labs and workbooks that are quite a bit more accessible and are excellent resources, for example. Each one has been crafted by a highly trained professional or two (as in, CWNE, CCIE level people here).

4-A happy and prosperous 2020.

WiFi is as hot an industry as it’s ever been. 2019 saw a lot of prominent names moving around and a lot of companies working to deliver new and exciting products. We have newer ways to survey now. We have new WiFi 6 APs coming to market. So much is going on, it’s an exciting time to be handling WiFi, so here’s hoping everyone has a great 2020 (and beyond!)

5-More innovation and inspiration.

Seriously, every year we get to look back and be impressed at what new advances have come to WiFi. Whether it’s things like WiFi 6, or new tool developments like the Sidekick or AR surveying.  New tools from metageek, new software from Helge. Every year there’s something. Actually, several somethings. We even got a new WiFI Awards coming. Voting is closed, awards will come in February,, and it’s just exciting for the industry. What will 2020 bring us?

Personally and professionally 2019 was an incredible year for myself. I want to say thank you to so many people, most especially the team behind WiFi Training and Active Expert, and everyone in the WiFi community.

Hoping you and yours have a happy holiday!

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December 24, 2019

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