Ansible Lessons


Ansible Lessons is a new course from and the instructor
Aidar Khairullin with a goal to take students from beginners to Ansible heroes.
Ansible is an incredible Automation Platform supporting several different vendors from
Cisco Systems, Juniper, Arista, and more. This course begins with general theory, and
get students to the labs quickly, where the majority of their time will be spent. 

Course Status: Pre-Order Estimated Feb 2023.

  • Introduction to basics
  • Installation
  • Inventory file
  • Network modules
  • Playbook
  • Network modules
  • Ad-hoc commands
  • Import/include
  • Roles
  • Handlers
  • Ansible galaxy
  • Security aspects
  • Integration with Jinja2

Ansible Lessons is included in our All Access Pass subscriptions.

$299.00 $899.00

Course Info

Course Status : active

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