C9800 Rockstar LIVE - Profiles & Tags


The first of a new series of live sessions from WiFi Training, this session is focused on Cisco Catalyst 9800 features known as Profiles & Tags. "We are here because the lifespan of our beloved AirOS based Wireless LAN Controllers is coming to an end, it’s the end of an era! The world is changing fast and we need to support that through faster and more reliable delivery of services." say's Chris. This webinar is 90 minutes long and is now availible to everyone free of charge. To register for future webinars be sure to subscribe to our mailing list at checkout. All-Access Pass subscribers get access to all public webinars as well as many exclusive webinars just for you. Consider joining our All-Access Pass program.

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Now that this course is live, we can safely say it's the most WLAN Multicast course available anywhere we have seen!

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