LAB Workbook for Wireless Design and CWDP


The LAB Workbook for Wireless Design and CWDP is an all-new hands-on training package from WiFi Training that allows students to get critical experience planning, and designing enterprise WLANs using some of the top WLAN tools in the industry. In this workbook, students gain the skills to reinforce the knowledge and concepts learned as a Certified Wireless Design Professional (CWDP).

OMG, This product release has taken forever, but it is FINALLY getting done and will be the best Wireless Workbook released to date! This workbook will help students studying for CWDP, as well as engineers who just want to plan and design like the top WLAN Design groups in the world. 

Expected Release Date: Released NOW! Order and access within minutes!

Your minutes away from hands-on access to the latest Pro-Tools used by Wireless Professionals today to plan and design enterprise WLANs.  

Out of all the training products on the market, the #WirelessWorkbook series from WiFi Training offers students the ability to obtain advanced Wireless skills and knowledge in a "Learn On-Demand" format, with access to real Cisco Hardware / Software. 

If you're considering attending an instructor-led CWDP course from WiFi Training, this workbook is included at no additional charge. If you purchase the workbook now and attend an instructor-led course with us later, we will credit you the cost of this workbook. 

This self-study kit includes a digital workbook and 20 tokens to schedule lab time at the Wireless Range, WiFi Training's new Wireless data center. There is no software to install or VPNs to connect to. 

Excerpt from the workbook

Be a Rockstar!

What we do as WLAN engineers is critical for the health of our clients, and directly impacts their goals and vision much more than most people consider.

Consider this: Let’s say company A has a WLAN that provides 5MB of throughput to its users on average, and its competitor Company B provides 20MB of throughput to its users on average which one of these companies stays in business 5 years from now? Whether it is data packets or voice communications company B can communicate 4 X faster than company A. What we do matters and has an impact on the world, and once we know that it should be all our goals to be the absolute best at what we do.

Our focus in the Wireless Workbook for Design & CWDP (#WWDesign)

Looking at a basic lifecycle for Planning & Designing Wireless Networks below, we will be focusing on the areas which are highlighted. All technologies have a lifecycle. For example, Plan, Design, Implement, Operate, Optimize. Within the Planning & Design phases of Wi-Fi, we have several tasks that must be done to deliver high-performing WLANs.

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