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Good Training Is A Sound Investment

Right out of the gate, I will tell you this: this will not be a financial investment post. I am not the guy for that, but. Avants may chime in with some sound advice there. He has an excellent talk on a topic covering that, which was given at WLPC in Phoenix this past February.

With that disclaimer out of the way…

This is actually a follow-up from a prior post. In that post, we made a case for the idea that good training doesn’t come cheap, and cheap training doesn’t always come good. This is not a knock on some affordable courses, of course. For those starting out, or looking for a basic amount of information, there are plenty of options out there for free, or for relatively little-that allow you to absorb a ton of information on a plethora of topics. However, if you choose to become an in-depth, undeniable expert, it’s not unreasonable to have to make some investments. These investments come in the form of both time and money.

Think of your training as you would investing in a stock or bond. You can start with a specific amount of money, and then you choose where to put your money. Invest wisely, and watch things grow and grow. Whenever you feel it is time to get out of the investing game, your goal is to have more money at the end than when you started.

With training investment, it’s not quite the same objective. As in, when you are done, you don’t really get to cash out…but…do you?

If you take the time and money and invest in training courses, you actually can cash out, per se. You can spend time and money on things like a CCNA course, or CCNP courses, or an authorized CWNP class (all of which are options taught by the staff at, and all taught virtually as we navigate the current state of travel restrictions).

Once you’ve taken the training and earned your certifications, those can be parlayed into a promotion at work or a better job. It’s possible you are new to networking, and you aim to take these certification classes as a way to open the door to a new career. Whatever your motivation, a certification (or several) can absolutely help you get there.

There’s another side to this investment, and it’s not just the monetary cost involved in the classes or the time to take it. It’s also the time investment to study and learn and master the subjects. This is an area where some may fall short. It’s one thing to study enough to pass and earn the certification. It is quite another to commit to the time required to truly have a high level of comfort with the material on a day to day basis.

As Chris is fond of saying: “don’t become lab zombies”.

Simply put, don’t just regurgitate what the lab guides tell you to do. Look at the lab steps and start to understand why you are doing those steps, and why in that order. Ask questions, become familiar with it and it can become committed to memory. While no one is likely taking away your reference materials or browsers, it’s also nice to not always need to look things up.

So yes, there are a lot of investment aspects for your training adventure. You can get out of it what you put in, and then some. Can you have great success with little to no monetary investment? Sure, anything is possible. But your best move is to eye your career-and the learning that fuels it-as perhaps your smartest investment of all. Spend your money and use your time wisely, and in time your career will reward you in spades.

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April 27, 2020

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