Rasika Nayanajith

Rasika Nayanajith

Short Bio

Passionate professional IT trainer with extensive knowledge in Wireless technology. Have ability to deliver technical information in a manner easy to understand for students. Comfortable with in person and virtual classroom training delivery. Has industry qualifications for IT instructor such as Cisco Certified System Instructor (CCSI), Certified Wireless Network Trainer (CWNT) & Ekahau Certified System Engineer (ECSE) trainer.

Author of many digital contents including
1. Rockstar Wireless Analysis
2. Rockstar QoS for WLAN Professionals
3. Rockstar Multicast for WLAN Professionals
4. IoT Lessons
5. Fast Roaming Lessons
6. WPA3 Lessons
7. CWAP Workbook

ILT/ILO/Webinar (Events)


June, 2024
  • Jun 24, 2024 To Jun 27, 2024
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • America/Chicago

Digital Courses

IoT Lessons

Ready to jump on the IoT rocketship?  Engineers who gain IoT skills early will be extremely valuable...

$199.00 $499.00

Rockstar Wireless Networking

Thinking of learning WiFi, looking for a self-study video series to kickstart the journey?  We desig...

$49.00 $999.00

Fast Roaming Lessons

Ready to provide a better user experience to your users? Thinking about deploying 802.11r / FT on yo...

$199.00 $999.00

Rockstar Multicast for WLAN Professionals

Make your companies network (Wireless & Wired) sing by proper use of multicast on the network!...

$299.00 $1499.00

NETFLOW & AVC Rockstar

Modern Enterprises must know what's going on with their network, which applications are running on t...

$299.00 $1999.00

WPA3 Lessons

Welcome to WPA3 Lessons, a new all original course being released by WiFi Training. WPA3 Lessons tak...

$149.00 $699.00

Rockstar 9800 Multicast Live Session

Follow along as Rasika Nayanjith dives deep into multicast configurations for Cisco Systems' new 980...


WPA3 Lessons - LIVE Session

WPA3 Lessons - LIVE Session 2/3/22 Sr. Instructor Rasika Nayanajith @mrncciew takes students through...

Free $499.00

Rockstar QoS for WLAN Professionals

Are you ready to become a packet *** master? Far too many engineers learn "just enough" about their...

$299.00 $1499.00

WiFi6E Lessons

At it again, Expert instructor/author Rasika Nayanajith is creating an all-new course on the critica...

$299.00 $1195.00

Rockstar Wireless Analysis

Another exciting announcement here with Rockstar WLAN Analysis, led by Expert Instructor / Author Ra...

$399.00 $1999.00