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All original video-on-demand courses from WiFi Training.


Why WiFi Training

Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because..

Personal Data
Person Courses

In-person courses offer face-to-face contact with professors and fellow students.

Digital Learning
Digital Courses

All original video-on-demand courses from WiFi Training. IT Professionals and Experts are the Rockstars of today.

LAB Workbooks

Each lab workbook includes tokens to the Wireless Range lab environment where students can practice.

Practice Exams

WiFi Training practice tests are built for the most popular certification programs.

ILT/ILO/Webinar (Events)

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Wireless Workbooks

All-New Wireless LAB Workbooks from WiFi Training!

In-Person Course

In-person classes allow you to interact face-to-face with your peers and professors, and to collaborate with them on a set schedule. You’re probably used to this style of course from your many prior years of schooling, so it can feel comfortable and familiar.

In-person classes vary depending on the subject matter and instructor, but typically you’re required to meet two to three times per week for a set amount of time.In-person classes foster a more personal connection with your classmates and professor.