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Belated 2020 Predictions

Sure, this one isn’t going live until late January, so we could be sneaky and guess things that have already happened…but from a WiFi perspective, the first month of the year has been relatively quiet. This is all about what is yet to come, from WiFi and for the company. Disclaimer: these are only predictions, I make no guarantees and all that usual boilerplate fun stuff 🙂 .

6ghz becomes more real.

To be fair, this is one of the easier ones…but I’d be silly not to mention it. It is getting a lot of attention. The promise of added spectrum is enticing, so many wireless professionals are watching this one with great anticipation.

On the marketing side, this is slated to be dubbed WiFi6e. That can’t be considered confusing…at all.

WiFi6 makes gains

Another softball for me…but also obvious. Toward the tail end of 2019, we were starting to see more and more products being announced, if not made, that supported WiFi6. With end user devices starting to be adopted, this should help drive an uptick in ax usage. It’s probably still a bit off in terms of when we see it reach critical mass, however. Still, the thinking here is 2020 will see a steady stream of new 802.11ax devices arriving in our hands, which will only help push things along.

We get some new tools

This seems to be a regular happening. Tech companies innovate, after all. We already know that a certain survey company has a new product being announced in February, so that’s one right out of the gate. Could we see something new in terms of an AirMagnet update or replacement? Or will we get something completely unexpected? Will it be something community driven, akin to the WLAN Pi? Time will tell, but I’d guess we will see a few things before the year ends.

WiFi Training Produces More Awesome Content

This is where things get really good, I think.

2019 saw some new content from WiFi Training. The year saw WiFi Training release several lab workbooks, covering CWNA and CWAP to start. By all accounts, we can look forward to additional lab workbooks at a minimum. Could we see something new, perhaps covering non-WiFi topics? Maybe security or even automation? Stay tuned to find out…but it promises to be an exciting and fun year.

WiFi Training Provides More World Class Training!

This should be expected, but it’s worth saying anyways. WiFi Training has numerous superb trainers in its ranks. They are knowledgeable in WiFi in particular, but so much more. If you need wired network training? That’s possible too! Security? Why not! Don’t let the name fool you…there is much more to the team than just WiFi (though they love that and deliver that training exceptionally well too).

2019 saw such big events as the Wireless Winter. What might be in store for 2020? Stay tuned to find out!

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January 28, 2020

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