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In Training, One Size Does Not Fit All

So, I feel like I need to set the table on this one. I am writing this a day before I get to sit in on a week-long Cisco CCNP level bootcamp. It will be a remote session, but live and instructor led. At the same time, I have seen some discussion on various platforms about the costs of training, and what is (or is not) worth it. Training is a bigger topic now, I think, since many people find themselves with some extra time for one reason or another. Perhaps work has slowed down a bit, giving you the time to catch up on some classes. Maybe you have extra time because your job has been put on hold due to the ongoing pandemic-in which case, you may be seeking a more wallet-friendly option because you are self-funding your efforts to better yourself.

So where am I going with this? There are a plethora of training options…one size does not fit all. And the best news of all? WiFi Training provides you with several sizes and options, which are well-positioned to fit most any budget. It all depends on which option you choose.

So, what kind of options are we talking about here? And how do you choose?

Before we actually delve into the options, I do want to mention a key concept. You need to know and understand how you learn best, and why that is. What I mean by this is, how do you best absorb material. Some of us are perfectly content with purchasing a book, reading it cover to cover and moving on. Others want to watch videos. Some may end up doing a live course, either in person or through a teleconference. It’s possible you like to use all possibilities and mix it up. The important thing here is that there really isn’t a right answer-it all depends on the individual.

So, in terms of training options, you may be limited by budget or time constraints. I would say this about any limitations you may have: pick whatever option works for you, and go from there. If you can’t afford a boot camp, don’t. If you can’t afford anything but the books, then give it a go. No matter which option you choose, you are still taking the initiative to learn. That’s the key step here.

Now, with that said, budgets can come into play. A book is usually cheap, maybe even under $100. But, it’s very simple in comparison. Expect to do a lot of research and demo on your own, in order to maximize things. Video courses move the cost up a bit, but they supplement the books and can help fill in the gaps well. An advanced workbook can take the course books and really beef up the content, often including well-crafted labs and other lessons to help grasp the concepts. The holy grail, of course, is the instructor led training. In light of current global events, I won’t make a distinction between in person or remote teaching. As long as you are experiencing a teacher live in some fashion, it lands here.

So what is best for you? It depends.

My opinion though? The best option for you is the one you can afford, and which suits your learning requirements best.

If you can afford a boot camp (or can get your company to foot the bill) then by all means, go that route.

If you are paying out of pocket and can only afford the book and say, a few hundred dollars for a video course? Then go for it.

Any of the options listed can lead you to your goal of a desired cert. One course delivery method does not assure you of success or failure. The best option for you is the one you can take advantage of and afford. There’s no point in begrudging or bemoaning certain costs or options. If cost is an issue, adapt, adjust and find a new, budget friendly option. Those exist in spades, to be honest.

What does this all mean for you if you are reading this? Well, WiFi Training is one such firm that delivers great content and training. You can reach out to the team to learn more, but there are plenty of options, both currently available and coming soon. These options span the entire spectrum of offerings, from pre-recorded video courses, to instructor led boot camps. All options are good, and it’s worth pointing out that the pre-recorded sessions are still crafted by some of the best in the buiness-no corners are cut here.

So remember-there is no wrong answer here. If you are in need of training, give us a call…we are bound to have one option that suits you best!

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April 12, 2020

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