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ISE 3.0 Is Here…And So Is Our Updated Training!

When it comes to software and technology, there is one absolute constant: change.

Change, in this case, means updates, patches and complete overhauls. Sometimes, a piece of tech goes through so much of a change, it feels like a whole new tool.

That may be a great way to describe the recently released Cisco ISE 3.0.

If you are familiar with wired and wireless networking-in particular, Cisco based offerings-there’s a very good chance you know ISE. You may be using it right now in some capacity!

So, Cisco has recently released version 3.0 of this complex and powerful platform. ISE can be nearly as simple or as complex as you want it to be (in fairness, I wouldn’t really call any implementation of ISE simple, but you can tailor your deployment to align with your corporate vision).

So when new software comes out, what should (hopefully) soon follow?

How about updated or completely re-done training materials?

And if something is new to market (and only very recently), where could you look for this much-needed training material?

How about the folks at WiFi Training?

Here’s just a sample of what you could look forward to:

The effort and passion that has gone into the ISE 3.0 course cannot be understated here.

Cisco Learning Specialized Partner

Chris was hard at work on refreshing the course, when Cisco threw him a nice curve:

Curveball be damned, that post was just a couple weeks back (September 22), WiFi Training has released ISE 3.0 related coursework, and the new material is not so much an update to the existing ISE 2.0 materials.

Instead, the ISE 3.0 coursework has been described to me to be a full re-write of the old coursework.

That is an impressive amount of material updated, refreshed or replaced in just a couple weeks. But rest assured, no corners were cut for the sake of getting this much-needed training material out to the networking community.

If you want to know what is new in ISE 3.0, or what to expect if ISE 3.0 is your first foray into the ISE family, you are in the right spot!

And don’t forget-especially as the year winds down-WiFi Training can redeem your Cisco Learning Credits toward this Cisco ISE 3.0 course (or most anything else Cisco related.)

Cisco Learning Credits Redeem

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October 6, 2020

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