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It’s Almost Your Last Chance To Vote!

Trying to keep things light and fluffy on a Friday (at least, it’s going live on a Friday, but hey, you might be reading this on any of the other six days of the week…it’s still relevant!). As was mentioned a few weeks ago, the month of November brought some exciting news on several fronts. It’s worth recapping that news, before we get to the really important items at hand.

First, in November, the first-ever WiFi Awards were announced. That the WiFi community now has it’s own full-blown awards its a pretty big deal. That big deal got even bigger for some folks here at Active Expert and WiFi Training-not only would they get to vote on the awards, but several on the team were nominated for some manner of individual award:

Helge Keck, nominated for Product of the Year, for his Wind0ws-based spectrum analysis tool, Win-Fi.

Francois Verges, for Content Contributor of the Year.

John Deegan (as in yes, myself) up for WiFi Rookie of the Year.

And the most amazing one of all? Active Expert/WiFi Training was nominated for, and is a finalist for Company of the Year.

Pretty cool, right? Well, voting closes December 15th, which is this Sunday. If you have not, by all means, please go out and vote!!

On top of this totally awesome new set of awards, there is another awards show, if you will. This one has been around a little while longer…and once again, we have some of our own family getting nominated!

For his role in the awesome podcast Clear To Send (he is co-host, along with Rowell Dionicio), Verges Francois is once again up for an award.

This one is well-deserved and yet should be no surprise. Rasika, @mrncciew himself, had his blog nominated in the Best Analysis category.

Last, John Deegan (yes, me again) was nominated in the category of Best Educational Blog.

So, what’s the point in all this? Is it tooting our own horn? Well, yes and no. Yes, it is in that we are bringing attention to them. No, because we aren’t really insisting you vote for the WiFi Training and Active Expert representatives. No, what we are doing is saying that, if you are a member of the WiFi community and you value that community, then you should get out and vote. As much as I am sure all of us who were nominated would love a win and a nice new trophy, all that is secondary.

In the case of the WiFi Awards, this is its’ first year. We should want it back as a regular fixture for years to come. Perhaps the best way of all to ensure that? Get out and vote, and in doing so show the world. The IT Blog Awards, while a bit older than the other, still deserves and is getting some love here. Both awards are labors of love, and our participation makes it all possible.

So let’s keep two awesome sets of awards rolling, and get out and vote before it is too late!

To vote for the WiFi Awards, click here

To vote for the IT Blog Awards, click here

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December 13, 2019

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