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It’s Awards Season For WiFi Training

Every industry has an awards season, and apparently the end of the year is now that for WiFi.

Why is this important? Well, we’ve already covered how Active Expert and WiFi Training, as well as John Deegan, have been named as finalists for a couple of the first-ever WiFi Awards.

The news keeps coming, however!

Last week, Cisco announced it’s finalists for their annual IT Blog Awards.

Once again, a couple individuals from the family are up for awards.

Rasika Nayanajith has been named a finalist, as has John Deegan.

In Rasika’s case, as the tweet mentions, he was nominated for, and is a finalist in, the Best Analysis category. Many people in networking, especially wireless networking, have likely used Rasika’s posts to help better understand a wide variety of topics. His nomination is well deserved.


In my own case, I was nominated for, and am a finalist in the category of Most Educational. I am honored to even be considered, let alone be among the finalists. My goal for writing my own blog was mostly to document my journey, with the hopes that I could help others in some small way (if nothing else, given them an example of what not to do!).

You can see all the nominees (and vote) here:



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November 26, 2019

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