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LAB Workbook for CWNA Students

NEW – LAB Workbook for CWNA Students

“Students can now get vital hands-on experience with a variety of vendor software/hardware solutions and professional tools reinforcing the theory and knowledge learned in a CWNA or any Wireless Fundamentals course. Our mission with this workbook series is to create a more well-rounded and confident WLAN Engineer by giving them real-world assignments, and hand’s on access to a suite of the latest WLAN tools and equipment to begin building that critical experience” – Say’s Chris Avants, Principal Instructor @ WiFi Training.

The CWNA Lab workbook is extensive with over 30 exercises in a dozen labs that take students through supporting the wireless life-cycle.

        • Explore the RF Spectrum
        • Finding sources of non-802.11 interference
        • 802.11 Protocol Analysis
        • Capture an Association & 4 Way Handshake
        • Filter & Decode 802.11 Data with Wireshark
        • Configure a Windows EAP Supplicant
        • Configure Android WPA2e Supplicants
        • Using Tablets for WLAN Analysis
        • Getting Familiar with Ekahau SS Pro
        • Conducting a Predictive Survey with Ekahau SS
        • Verifying and Optimizing Site Survey Data
        • Running Site Survey Reports

Labs are structured as task-based learning, to closely mimic real-world request. After the initial discovery of the process, students are given assignments which must be completed successfully.

Lab Workbook for CWNA Students

Every CWNA Lab Workbook is bundled with 20 hours of LAB Access to your very own CWNA LAB Environment at the Wireless Range. You can reserve lab time through a simple web-portal in 4hr sessions.

Our Wireless Range Data Center is based in the US, right here in Texas. There is no software to install or VPNs to connect to, to access your lab environment. You can access the lab environment from any OS however we recommend using the Google Chrome web browser.

Already CWNA Certified? Even students who have earned CWNA Certification would benefit from this workbook, as it provides critical hands-on labs to reinforce the skills learned from any associate-level wireless training.



The CWNA Lab Workbook will be provided to all CWNA Students who enroll in Instructor-Led Classroom, or Instructor Led Online, or Private Event Training with WiFi Training beginning Sept 9th, 2019. – Find a class


See a demo of the Wireless Range

Self-Study Kits

Self-study workbook / Rack Token bundles will be available Sept 16th, 2019 and will retail at $699

Students can pre-order the Lab Workbook for CWNA Students below which includes 20 Lab Access tokens for an introductory one-time price of $299

Students will receive a secured digital version of the workbook, and e-mail confirmation with lab access tokens to be used on-demand.  Students must book the labs in 4hr increments. There will also an option to receive a full-color printed version of the workbook at checkout.

Note The self-study workbooks will not ship (even digital) until Sept 16th, 2019.

For Enterprise licensing contact


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