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Reflecting On An Eventful 2019

As we quickly move toward the end of 2019, it’s a perfect time to reflect on all the amazing things that unfolded over the past twelve months. Just thinking back on things, it was a very eventful year for the folks involved with WiFi Training and, on a grander scale, Active Expert as a whole. From a personal level, I’ve only been engaged with the team, doing my small part, since basically the end of the summer. A lot has transpired over even that last quarter of the year, so really it’s no surprise that the team is concluding a very successful year.

So, what are just a few of the highlights?

We had the largest #WiFiHappyHour / #WiFiMeetup to date in California!

These events are so much fun and a great way to connect and unwind in a relaxed environment. Of course, there’s free drinks, swag, and great company so the next time you see this event pop up near you be sure to RSVP!

WiFiMeetup / WiFiHappyHour California 2019

New Event – Wireless Winter 2019

Over the course of 2019, the team delivered a plethora of training courses, all around the world. From virtual classrooms to the in-person experiences, many private courses and events, the team delivered them all. I’d venture to guess that one of the high points of the publicly scheduled classes might just have been the event dubbed Wireless Winter. That saw Chris Avants spent a few weeks in Europe, delivering phenomenal CWNP instruction to some lucky WiFi folks in a very accelerated format. There were many other classes over the year, but this event stands out as an event I would have loved to attend myself.

From a content and product perspective, it was a banner year for the company, for sure.

Wireless Workbooks

By the end of 2019, there are several product offerings out there to be had. Each of them aims to fill an area of need in the training space. Either it addresses a void, or it brings to the market a more competitive and better-tailored solution. Specifically, the team has begun to release Wireless Lab Workbooks. So far, the Wireless Workbook for Associates & CWNA and Wireless Workbook for Analysis Professionals & CWAP workbooks have been released. I’ve had the good fortune to review both, and I am being unbiased when I tell you they are exceptional. While I’d still prefer an in-person class (it’s how I feel I learn best), the workbooks are nice additions to a training regiment. If you can’t attend an instructor-led course (in person or virtually), these are a nice way to help you self-study. The available lab credits give the student access to a lab environment geared toward enhancing their understanding of the material, aiming to help you comfortably grasp the subject matter by getting experience with the latest technology and Pro Tools while gaining critical hands-on experience.

The best part about these workbooks? They are just the beginning. Workbooks covering the Professional Level Design concepts & CWDP and Professional level Security & CWSP are en route. The Wireless Workbook for Security Professionals & CWSP is due by Feb 2020 in fact.

There are also a pair of courses available as well, the Rockstar Wireless Networking and Rockstar Network Fundamentals. Both have been crafted by the team and are very good. Depending on when you are checking this out, you may even catch them on sale, making them an even better value.

New Lab Ops Management Platform

Along with the new WirelessWorkbook product line, the software development team at Active Expert has been very busy too creating the new Lab Ops Management system, that enables students to access the latest lab equipment from anywhere in the world with a simple web-browser. Additionally, the platform allows students to schedule on-demand / self-study lab time using tokens. While a token/scheduling system has been built before, the platform’s capabilities seem to grow by the day. I mean all network devices and VM’s have direct console access, IP Power management, and snapshot control the student is allowed to manage all from a simple web-browser. It’s exciting to see some of the things they have in store with these platforms.

As you can see, everyone has been busy in 2019!

As the year was coming to a close, we received some interesting and exciting news!

To cap the year off, the team and some members were nominated for some WiFi and Networking-related accolades. The more in-depth information can be found elsewhere, but members of the team have been nominated for some individual awards. Helge Keck, Francois Verges, John Deegan were nominated for WiFi Awards. Active Expert and WiFi Training received a nomination for Company of the Year. On top of that, Cisco has its own IT Blog Awards. For those, John, Rasika, and Francois were among the finalists in various categories. Even if none of our team wins any of the coveted awards, just to be nominated as finalists in those awards categories is a great achievement. The winners will be announced in 2020, but the nominations allowed us to close 2019 with a nice bit of news.

I am sure there’s plenty I am overlooking, but I am also trying to keep things short and sweet. 2020 is already promising to be even bigger and better than in 2019 was. More workbooks, more content and more great training and WiFi are en route, so stay tuned!

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December 30, 2019

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