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Rockstar Wireless Networking – Release 5/21/17

Hello everyone, and welcome to WiFi Training! So you may have heard about a new original course we are releasing called Rockstar Wireless Networking? We designed Rockstar Wireless Networking to introduce everyone in IT to the #1 network access method today (Wi-Fi). Out of an estimated 25K network experts in the world, an estimated 1% have expert certifications in wireless and this obscurity is the same at the Professional levels, Associate Levels, and Entry certification levels.

Rockstar Wireless Networking was designed for everyone in IT to learn the fundamentals of Wireless networking. Whether you are in sales, service, management, or engineering you are sure to develop new skills in this course. If IT Certification is your goal, this course serves an excellent catalyst for other vendor certifications such as CCNA Wireless, or CWNA and all students who complete the course will earn the WiFi Rookie badge!

Our goal was to grow the community, we wanted to create an awesome course that excites people and do that while being affordable to all! To make this happen we reached out to our parent company and our partner network to make the vision a reality. Almost a year later, Rockstar Wirelss Netwoking is being born and it’s due date is 5/21/2017.

Thanks to support from our our sponsors NETSCOUT, metageek, Ekahau, Active Expert, and our incredible team we have decided to release Rockstar Wireless Networking FREE of charge! To Register for Rockstar Wireless Networking, just click register above, create an account, and you will be notified the moment the course goes live. If your reading this past 5/21, go directly to the class here Rockstar Wireless Networking. If you have friends, colleagues, acquaintances, or other categories of people you feel could benefit from this course please feel free to have them register too! Be sure to tell them you love us! We love you too!

Oh yeah, so sorry to keep you waiting! Good things take time, Free things take even longer,  Good + Free is due 5/21/2017

Rockstar Wireless Networking is a video based course containing over 8hrs of HD video on the Wireless Life Cycle.

Sample Videos

RWN – M1L7 – WiFi Transmissions over RF

RWN – M2L1 – WiFi Architecture Basics

This course is designed for

Anyone in IT
IT Account Managers
Network Administrators
Network Professionals

This course provides a great reference for experts from other technology area’s that are new to WiFi.


CompTIA A+ / N+ or CCENT is recommended but not required
Understanding of OSI and TCP/IP Models

Course Outline

Mod     NAME                            TIME
M0L0 – Rockstar Wireless Networking – Course Intro
M1L0 – RF Fundamentals
M1L1 – Electromagnetic Scale
M1L2 – RF Characteristics
M1L3 – RF Behaviors
M1L4 – RF Terminology
M1L5 – WiFi Transmission over RF
M1L6 – Antenna Characteristics

M2L0 – Discovering WiFi Fundamentals
M2L1 – WiFi Architecture Basics
M2L2 – Talking 80211
M2L3 – Talking 80211 – Communicating in the cell
M2L4 – Discovering WLAN devices – Wireless Stations
M2L5 – Discovering WLAN Devices – APs
M2L6 – Discovering WLAN Devices – WLCs
M2L7 – Discovering WLAN Devices – Extending Coverage & Roaming
M2L8 – Supporting Infrastructure and Services

M3L0 – Designing Wireless Networks – The Essentials
M3L1 – Reviewing Life Cycle Services
M3L2 – Customer Meetings
M3L3 – Special Access & Site Safety
M3L4 – Regulatory Requirements
M3L5 – Wireless Design Goals – no edit
M3L6 – Exploring WiFi Design Tools
M3L7 – Site Survey Types
M3L8 – Site Survey Software
M3L9 – Conducting a Walk Through
M3L10 – Conducting a Site Survey

M4L0 – WiFi Security Essentials
M4L1 – Network Security Fundamentals
M4L2 – WiFi Security Fundamentals
M4L3 – Enterprise Security & AAA
M4L4 – BYOD & Guest Access Fundamentals

M5L0 – WiFi Troubleshooting Basics
M5L1 – Troubleshooting Basics
M5L2 – WiFi Troubleshooting Tools
M5L3 – Troubleshooting LAN Issues
M5L4 – Troubleshooting WiFi Issues

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May 9, 2017

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