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Stay Flexible, Stay Focused, Stay Working!

It feels like it’s been an eternity since we last spoke through this medium. In actuality, it’s “only” been a couple weeks. In terms of our lifetimes, however, these have been perhaps two of the craziest, most unprecedented weeks in history, at least since I’ve been alive (which means, since 1977). Maybe a bit hyperbolic, but it is certainly a significant time.

I already threw out some suggestions for handling the new normal of working remote. You can revisit that post here.

When I typed that up, the idea of remote work was not all that new to some of us, but it was still new for others. Also, for most of us, we figured it was a couple weeks at most. Maybe it was a hope? In any case, those two weeks have come and gone, and the reality is…no one knows exactly when we get to return to our office lives. In the grand scheme, the distancing is the smart move, at least based on the smart people I’ve heard speak.

Things feel a lot different, I think, when the situation feels a bit more permanent. Some may be enjoying this (I certainly do not miss my wonderful NYC metro commutes).  Some probably miss the in-office social interaction. Others are having some interesting experiences juggling IT work being done remotely, while also playing the role of IT support for home users (as in, those wonderful tiny humans we call our children). So how can we continue to get through it?

Stay flexible, stay focused and stay working. Simple, but worth throwing out there.

Flexible, as in…as long as work permits it, be flexible with scheduling and what goes on. Know when your conference calls are, and absolutely be on for them (it’s work, that’s just obvious). But do take time to step away from the desk, just as you would in the office. If you have family at home (and if they aren’t working/learning), take some time outside, observing those wonderful social distancing protocols. Or, hey, if it’s raining out, do something fun for a few minutes of a break. But being flexible with things will help, because these are crazy times, and things are changing on the fly.

Focused should be an easy one. If you are still working, and supposed to be working from home…get work done. When it’s work time, put the distractions away. Make sure your family understands and respects the limits, so that you are still able to be productive. If you’ve worked from home before COVID-19, you should get this and have no issues with it. If you have not, as I’ve seen other full time remote workers say…”don’t ruin WFH for the rest of us”. Be as productive and focused as you can be, when you need to be.

Stay working is obvious. It goes nicely with the focus as well. Make sure you aren’t slipping on things. Anything you can do, take care of it. With things possibly quiet since no one is in the office, now would be a great time to possibly do some routine maintenance or updates-without those pesky overnight windows. Now, don’t do a risky change, because if you break something, you will have to get in and fix it. If you can’t do much work, what else is this time great for? How about catching up on some training! Many of us want to get lots of training in. Many of us also don’t have near enough time to do the work and the training we would like to. For at least some, work may be slowing down or paused, but there are remote/virtual trainings available. But don’t take my word for it….

No matter what friends, please stay safe and keep learning!

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