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WiFi Community, It Is Time To Vote!

Folks, hopefully you’ve been paying attention, but if not, let’s catch you up.

Over the last month or so, the WiFi community was able to nominate companies, products and individuals for a handful of awards. This is a bit new for us…in years past, to close out the American WLPC conference, founder Keith Parsons customarily awarded a “Person of the Year” award, to someone who contributed greatly to the community.

Most relevant for WiFi Training? The 2019 winner (and the last recipient of the award in that form) was our very own Rasika.

However, as the 2019 WLPC came to a close, we were introduced to a new awards program-The WiFi Awards!

This Fall, the WiFi community was able to nominate companies, innovative products, the best products of the year and then, for the individual awards, they could nominate a Rookie of the Year as well as a content contributor of the year.

Last week, all of the finalists for each of the categories was announced, and the WiFi Training and Active Expert teams are well represented!

Here is the full list of nominees:

So what are some important categories for us to highlight?

In the product/innovation section, check out this:

On the company leadership section? How about Active Expert!

Then, we’ve got the rookie of the year:

And then, the Content Contributor of the Year:

To vote, go here:

Now, while we are not suggesting you should vote for the folks listed above over anyone else-though all of the above are worthy of consideration and votes. Regardless, if you are active in the WiFi Community, take a few minutes out of your day and vote for the first-ever WiFi Awards. It’s a great thing that has been put together for the community!


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November 16, 2019

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