A better way to better yourself


A better way to better yourself

Skill Training

One common theme among IT professionals is, or should be, a quest to continually learn and improve. As a CWNE myself, there is something I hear quite often from some of the smartest minds in WiFi: never stop learning. 

So, with that in mind…imagine if there was a better way to better yourself. Sure, there are many great ways to continually learn. Some of us are book learners-you buy a book, you read and you absorb. Others need to listen or watch, which means podcasts and YouTube videos are a good starting point. There are plenty of other ways, too. You might have the ability to fund a course, whether in person or remote. Boot camps are great for that too.  

And now…there’s a new way…a better way. Imagine wanting to learn as much as possible, through great online content of all shapes and sizes. I’m talking about online courses, micro trainings, practice exams, and more. And, what’s more? Imagine getting all of that content, with an all-access pass. Good for a year, licensing available for individuals or your entire team, you can gain access to so much of the great WiFi Training content, both existing and yet to come. 

Best of all, even without any promotional pricing, the All-Access Pass comes in at less than your typical in-person, week-long intensive training. 

Yes, you read that right. For less than what you might pay to send one member of your IT team to one week of in-person training, you could have a year’s worth of an all-access pass from WiFi training. Instead of sending one member of your staff to one week of training on one specific area of interest…you could go get all access and get so much more.  

Instead of having to pick and choose just a few courses to attend, the all-access pass can put your IT staff training on the fast track forward. Why decide from courses like Cisco 9800 Rockstar, WLAN Surveys or Rockstar QoS for WLAN pros…when with your all-access pass, you and everyone on your team can have them all, and much more!

It’s an incredible opportunity to have access to so much content. And it is not just for one, but for the entire team. And, as you work through all of the exceptional courses, if you do find that you still need some intensive, hands-on, instructor-led learning? Well, the team behind all of those digital courses is prepared to meet those needs too. 

The best way I can put this is, it allows you to maximize your training budget. Some of the knowledge your team might need or want may not warrant an expensive, in-person course. For those, the digital instruction available via the all-access pass is perfect. And, once the foundation has been laid down by those courses, perhaps then it is time to ramp up and seek out a more intensive class. Instead of sending every member of your team to a series of in-person training over the course of a few years, the all-access pass gets the instruction to your team more effectively and efficiently. A more prepared IT team puts your organization in a great position to succeed and thrive…and an all-access pass from WiFi Training is a great way to achieve that goal.


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