Should we Hack our Health at WLPC?


Should we Hack our Health at WLPC?

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if you've been paying attention to the right folks on social media, you've probably heard about the We Hack Health movement, and the associated @hackingyourhealth Twitter account.

Personally, I am a complete noob when it comes to the actual system behind the success stories...but make no mistake, there are success stories.

If you follow some notables in IT and InfoSec on social media, chances are you know who Dave Kennedy is. He's a big person behind the movement.

Another is Ben Canning.

Join us and the rest of the community on our #wehackhealth discord channel. ⬇️⬇️


— Hacking Your Health (@wehackhealth) October 23, 2022

Now, if things work out as planned, our own Chris Avants will be sharing his own experiences from his hacking his own health. Look for that on the Phoenix stage in February (if the votes go his way).

There is a reason, of course, why I brought up Ben Canning.

In case you needed a better glimpse into who Ben is and what Ben does, here's a snippet from his profile:

"I help high performers in the tech, infosec and cybersecurity space optimise their health, fitness and performance. Podcast host



Ben is a trainer. If you've been to past WLPCs in Phoenix, you probably know of the yoga sessions and running sessions in the morning.

People organize hikes and rides into the surrounding mountains. If you time things well, the gym can be quite the happening place in the mornings too.

What if someone organized a #wehackhealth effort in Phoenix? And what if that effort was actually led by Mr. Canning?

That's something in the works. It's a big opportunity, to train with our own celebrity trainer, get pointers, and make a life change. After all better Health is the one thing that can make EVERY OTHER ASPECT of your life BETTER!

Of course, as Ben lives in Ireland, it will take a bit of talent to pull it off...but knowing Chris the way I do, it's a safe bet to pack for a great workout if you're down for a challenge. 

See you all soon!




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