Vote For Us! WiFi Awards 2022!


Vote For Us! WiFi Awards 2022!

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It has happened before, and now it has happened once again!

WiFi Training has been once again nominated for a WiFi Award.

Nominated twice previously, we are once again in consideration.

This year, WiFi Training is in the running for the award "Company Leadership of the Year Award".

It is a big deal, and it's a great honor to be nominated as a finalist. To be a finalist for such an honor three years in a row is an awesome feat.

And while our fellow nominees are impressive in their own right, how awesome would it be to bring the award home this time?

Third time's the charm, right?

Areas that were considered as part of the nomination process? Innovation, leadership, business practices, strong communication and collaboration.

At the risk of tooting our own horn, we do feel we have provided to the WiFi community in all of these areas

As we are asking you to vote for us, keep in mind that we are among the most active companies in the community. At virtually every wireless conference, you will find us.

If there are boot camps being taught? You are going to find a WiFi Training team member.

In terms of innovation, look no further than the All Access Pass. Covering many training needs, delivering all sorts of cannot be overlooked.

Leadership...while this might not be the best example, we are pretty sure we are the only company nominated to have a key figure singing to entertain WLPC 2022 in Phoenix (thanks, Chris!).

The entire company-those you do see, and those you do not-strive to deliver exceptional training whenever possible. And you regularly hear from us, as we are active on social media. Odds are you've probably entered or even won one of our Twitter giveaways.

So, we know there are plenty of good choices, but we are asking you to take some time and give WiFi Training a vote in this year's WiFi Awards.

Vote here:

Voting closes on December 31st!


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