Chris & Rasika to teach at WLPC_EU Prauge October 9th 2022


Chris & Rasika to teach at WLPC_EU Prauge October 9th 2022

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One of our favorite tech conferences of the year is just around the corner, WLPC_EU this year to be held in beautiful Prague at NH Prague City Hotel Czech Republic. This year the fun begins on the 9th for boot camp attendee's as this year both Chris Avants & Rasika Nayanajith will be teaching two new WiFi Training original courses at the conference for 3 days leading up to the Wireless LAN Professional Conference or WLPC_EU 2022.  Chris Avants will be delivering our new Cisco 9800 Rockstar ILT program, and Rasika Nayanajith will be delivering the Rockstar Wireless Analysis course at the event, the only downside is you can only attend one or the other as both courses will be running in parallel before the conference. 

The Cisco 9800 Rockstar ILT version was launched this year at the WLPC_US in Phoenix, AZ which sold out within the first two days of registration. The Wireless Workbook for Cisco 9800 is included with the course and has been updated to a new version 1.2. 

You can find more about the Cisco 9800 Rockstar ILT here

Find out more about the Wireless Workbook for Cisco 9800 here

Rockstar Wireless Analysis ILT version is launching at WLPC_EU in Prague and will include a special edition of our exclusive Wireless Workbook for Analysis with this course, and dozens of new labs that will challenge even the strongest of WLAN Pros so bring your A game for this course.


You can find more about the Rockstar Wireless Analysis ILT here (note, this will be an instructor-led live version, with an included workbook, designed for in-classroom deliveries.


After a two-year hiatus thanks to COVID, Chris & Rasika are both excited to be back at the podium doing what they love, and what they do best! Both of these courses are only available via WiFi Training or by attending the WLPC event. Seats will fill up fast, so it's important you register early. Again the Cisco 9800 Rockstar ILT was sold out within 48hrs or registration, we anticipate Rockstar Wireless Analysis having a similar demand. 

The WLPC conference is an incredible conference designed to ensure engineers leave with new knowledge, skills, friendships, and those oh-so-important industry connections.