Recap of the WLPC 2022 Event


Recap of the WLPC 2022 Event


After a several-year hiatus due to the global pandemic, one of our favorite pastimes came to fold by teaching at this year's #WLPC "Wireless LAN Professionals Conference" in Phoenix. Prior to COVID, our instructors traveled as much as 45 weeks a year around the world to deliver Instructor-Led courses to our clients in public and private events, and of course conferences. Since COVID, as many of you know, our team focused on growing our new digital business unit building all original courses around real-world skills which has been incredible, and the feedback to our program has been incredible. We have maintained our relationships, built new ones, and continued delivering courses online via HD Telepresence. But there was something missing wasn't there? There was the fun of being together, the laughs, the hugs, the jokes, the triumphs, and the failures that all come at a moment's notice at a tech conference, and not just any tech conference. The #WLPC.  In short, it had been several years since we had taught at the WLPC, or any tech conference, and everyone couldn't have been more eager to get back to blowing up the status quo. 


We were so excited to see people were finally getting back together in person, we decided to do a #WiFiHappyHour / #WiFiMeetup on Monday night and brought a band all the way from #Texas #TheCastAways to provide some great entertainment with an acoustic performance. The show went well, over 200 attended and got busy connecting with people they haven’t seen in, well YEARS! WLPC was great about respecting social distancing with color bands to wear to show your comfort level with space, and social distance. Green, you're okay with handshakes, and hugs, blue is to respect people's boundaries. Simple and effective, and kept the community comfortable.

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