Take A Look At the Team All Access Pass


Take A Look At the Team All Access Pass

Skill Training

It can be hard to keep a team of IT staff happy, for a variety of reasons. One area that can often be a challenge is training. Some of the challenge for management comes down to sharing funds and opportunities equally, which is not always the easiest to navigate. And, for your staff, sometimes what you are offering isn’t quite what they need or want to learn, so you are faced with staff who might not get needed training for a given cycle due to logistics.

What if I said there was a way to keep your team happy while providing them valuable training…all at an affordable price that is likely going to make everyone happy?

WiFi Training now offers the Team All Access Pass at a great rate. For a single license fee per user, you can obtain access to the entire WiFi Training course catalog. If interested in taking advantage, you can view the overview of the Team All Access Pass and pricing here:

For any in depth pricing questions, please reach out to the team.

This program is a tremendous value to your organization, for several reasons.

First, it gives the company a way to provide the same training to each and every member of their team. All users will have access to the same exact courses, so they will learn as much or as little as they want. Intrepid employees could certainly take advantage of the content available and gain new and needed skills—which in some cases might allow you to promote from within, rather than need to find new talent from outside the company. But, by giving everyone the same training opportunities, it helps avoid any conflicts.

Second, by providing comprehensive access to the entire team, you are taking steps to keep their skills sharp. The quotes here underscore the reasons why having this training, at a minimum, should be considered vital to your company’s long term success and growth.

Employees don’t want to have to fight and beg for good training every year. But, whether they ask or not, regular training is imperative. If they are not keeping sharp, and they are sticking with you…what happens when you need to deploy the latest and greatest? Odds are, you will struggle, or perhaps you will have to farm out some of the work because you have a talent gap.

Providing the team easy access to up-to-date training courses helps avoid that talent gap.

It also addresses the other quote, from Sir Richard Branson. You want to take care of your employees, because happy employees tend to stay around. If you give employees a hard time over any training ask, or no training at all, you have some problems. You’ve created unhappy employees who lack training, and that won’t end well.

The last reason this is such a great deal? I sort of touched on it a bit earlier. The content that the All Access Pass provides you access to is fresh. The content creators within the WiFi Training team are constantly working on new courses. That drive ensures that the classes are up to date and relevant to your team. And, if there is a course or topic you’d like to see, but doesn’t exist? Just ask, and you never know what might soon show up in the course catalog.
Of course, if you don’t like the online training model, the WiFi Training staff are happy to discuss in person, instructor led offerings covering a wide variety of topics.